We are a 'self-catering' retreat center, very much like a vacation home rental. This is not your hotel experience :)

Our cleaning policy... We ask our guests to leave the cabin and outdoor spaces as they were found: Clean... *dishes washed, dried and returned to appropriate places; *bed sheets/pillowcases only removed, *blanket and coverlet folded on bed, *dirty towels added to dirty linens, if dry; *bagged garbage only, please, taken to outdoor garbage can; *the grill cleaned/scraped and cover replaced, if used; *all cabin items and furniture returned to its original placement; *all opened food that was brought into the cabin removed; *the refrigerator cleaned... leaving the condiments in the door that were there when you arrived.

There has been a beautiful black bear checking out some of the garbage cans recently so if you would contact us when you are checking out we can pick up the garbage to eliminate its dining inclination. Or, if you are amenable, you can ask us where the county dumpsters are, where we all take our garbage. You will drive right by it on the way to town. If you prefer not to do that, give us a call to pickup it up. Thank you.

*leave the cabin key on the dining table, latching the door or leave key in the front door lock with the latch in place

** By accepting this reservation you are agreeing to our cleaning and/or our dog policy


This 250 acre country retreat has 5 authentic, rustic, historic log cabins that have been brought onto the property over a 30 year period and situated with plenty of room between them so that, if indeed you can see another cabin, it is far enough away to almost be unnoticeable. This land is beautiful, healing and a step back into a quieter way of life. Much love and care has gone into each cabin, it's décor and the bedding offering our guests the best stay possible. We have kept the rustic feeling as much as possible so its history is not lost. We hope that you will appreciate the balance of old and new.

Twice a year we harvest each of the four hay fields. Watching the harvest and the huge circular bales of hay left on the fields warms the heart.

The farm also has 110 acres of hardwoods. We have planted approximately 1000 trees since 2003 and they are growing tall.

The highest hilltop, which we call Mount Grace, has almost a one acre modern day labyrinth available for our guests and retreat groups. The ceremonial flags of saffron and crimson fly high on special occasions. Like any sacred space such as a labyrinth, there is a particular suggested way to walk the pattern laid out. Soon there will be a diagram of the walk directions and the understandings of each of the Geometries of Love ...sacred technologies for the new millennium as Antonia understands the messengers. Power spots have times when they are more powerful than others; times when they open & other times when they are closed. One only needs to tune into the energy, which is always beautiful though much stronger as certain times. The Geometries began to come forth in 2004. The family of the Geometries of Love is complete. The labyrinth has one more section to add with approximately 200 hand made pavers to make, then we think it is completed.

On the other side of this farm retreat is a remodeled and re-purposed 6000 sq ft dairy barn we call Heartstone Lodge. The Lodge is offered for events, celebrations, weddings etcetera in addition to guest room accommodations and advertised as Heartstone Lodge & Retreat Center. In addition to The Lodge, Heartstone Retreat has 3 studios also for overnight lodging.

A 3 tiered meditation garden, Jardin d'OrPhi, laid out in mathematical proportions is the sacred space here on the Heartstone side of the farm. Lined with fire torches, sculptures & a golden ratio pyramid on the 2nd tier, this park like setting is very special. It even has golden ratio wind chimes.

The feeling here is very different than the cabin side and each, without a doubt, has its gifts. If you would like to tour this side of the property please call and set a time for someone to meet you. We would love to share “the rest of the story” with you!



* no smoking indoors * no parties or loud music * Check-in is 3pm or after * 11AM check-out * MAX 2 cars. NO ATVs.

We want you to enjoy your stay & come back again!
We ask our guests to respect the tranquility of our farm and other guests that may be on property. We are a 'self catering' retreat center and ask our guests to leave the cabin clean, dishes washed, refrigerator cleaned of food, furniture returned to its proper place and bagged garbage taken to large can outdoors. Parking for your car is approximately 40 ft from the cabin entrance. If your stay is longer than a few days we will pick up the garbage, by arrangement, or tell you where you can take it on your way to town. We expect guests to respect the property, building and contents. Turn off all outdoor lights before retiring for the evening to help keep 'the country in the country'. All smoking is to be outdoors & butts need to be handled responsibly as there are dry grasses, lots of leaves and woods. Thank you for helping to protect you, your loved ones and this beautiful property. This cabin is one of three cabins suitable for children or a dog. We expect that all pets will be cleaned up after, leaving no trace, both indoors and outdoors so that the next guests are not having to encounter the previous pet.



You will be picking up the information packet at our in-town Lexington home/office. The envelope with your name will be clipped and hanging on the front door. The driving directions, the cabin key, receipt and other fun important information will be in the envelope. Your cabin is a short 10-12 minutes away. **Be sure to follow the directions we give you exactly as GPS often does not get you to where you want to go. And, it gets very dark out here.

We do not give out the address of the farm or cabins to protect you and keep our farm as private as possible. We do not want people 'checking it out' and driving by your cabin and across our hay fields. We want to know who is on our property. So, only when you pick up your information packet do you get to go from 'A' to 'B' like a fun treasure hunt.


Guests are invited to walk on the fire roads & walking paths on the 250 acres. Thank you for respecting other guests in their cabins. Please do not walk to cabins you are not renting even if there are no cars there in case someone is in it. If you walk up to the labyrinth, be sure you leave plenty of daylight for your return trip & take a good flashlight. There are breathtaking panoramic views at every turn, a modern day labyrinth & much wildlife to enjoy. Our farm is above the confluence of the South & the Maury Rivers. Across from the entry road to cabin is an access to the Chessie Trail, a 7 mile walking/jogging trail between Lexington & Buena Vista. The cabin is close to many attractions, an AT trail head, the Blue Ridge Pkwy, VA Horse Ctr, Natural Bridge plus many others.

Interaction with Guests

Our cabins are 'self catering' spaces. We have no interaction with guests unless requested. We honor your desire for quiet & privacy. You may see or hear the mower on some days or see general maintenance being handled. If you are lucky to be here when the hayfield is being harvested you are in for a treat! We are only a phone call away.

The Neighborhood

We love the tranquility, abundant wildlife, the character of the cabins and the drop-jaw vistas from most anywhere on the farm. The top of the farm has a hilltop we call Mount Grace. On it is the State of Grace sacred circle with a modern day labyrinth recently completed. Antonia's geometric sculptures, the 'Geometries of Love', have been placed inside the circle. The ceremonial flags of saffron and crimson are put up for ceremonies and when the occasion calls.

Many of our neighbors have lived on their property for generations. We respect our neighbors and the desire for a quiet country life. We ask that our guests also respect that so that we can be good country neighbors to them.

Please do not drive or walk onto the property with lovely house at the foot of the farm entrance by mailboxes. Our neighbors are not appreciative of our guests driving in to take a look. Keep you dog on a leash. Their dogs are in an electric wire fence.


A car is a must here. In the case of snowy weather you will want to be driving a car that is good on a slight grade of dirt and gravel. We have the farm roads plowed if the snow is more than several inches. The county plows the roads soon after heavy snowfalls though you will want to give us a call for updates. We rent all year and winter offers a special quiet that many love. A car really is a necessary unless, of course, someone delivers you and you do not need to leave the farm before being picked up :)


  • first aid kit
  • fire extinguishers
  • smoke detector


We ask that your dog be kept off of the furniture and bedding; that your dog is cleaned up after both indoors & outdoors leaving 'no trace'; that s/he not be allowed to run loose on the farm; that you not leave dog unattended without being in a kennel; that the dog hair is swept & vacuumed up thoroughly before leaving. People have been very accommodating and we appreciate your understanding. We do not charge a fee for your dog and ask only that you work with us to keep the cabins ready for the next guest: leave no trace. We charge $40 /hour for any additional cleaning necessary due to pet hair, stains, scratches, outdoor clean-up. This will be charged to the credit card on file. ** if your little dog cannot stay off furniture, please respect our property and bring your own blanket and not use any of our blankets, sheets or comforters for this purpose. Thank you!


Guests need to be comfortable with the dark & the country. We like to say that “this is not your hotel experience!”. One can often see the Milky Way without interference from city lights! We do our best to be good country neighbors and 'keep the country in the country' by asking that all outdoor lights be turned off at night. Bring a good flashlight and comfy shoes. The cabin is supplied with 'starter' coffee, teas, cocoa, condiments, dish soap, paper towels & toilet paper etc. If you need more than we provide you will find a grocery store only a few miles from the cabin.

** Our gift to you is a bottle of wine. If you do not wish to have one please let us know beforehand. We know that everyone does not drink alcohol and might prefer to not have it around.

* the state, local & hospitality taxes add up to approximately 12%. This is additional to the rate of the cabin.


14 days minimum notice for cancellations without penalty. In the event of a cancellation with less than 14 day notice, every effort will be made to re-
lease your reservation dates. If we are able to re-lease the cabin you will be responsible for only a $50 handling fee. If we are able to re-rent one of the nights you will be responsible for the first night amount plus applicable taxes. Should we be unable to re-lease the accommodation, you will be responsible for the reservation amount.


Please call our office, 540.463.2593, with the particulars of your lucky recipient. Gift certificates are perfect for so many occasions: Christmas, birthday, anniversary, celebration for an special occasion; personal retreat, a gift for that someone who never seems to take time for themselves yet always does things for others plus many other reasons to gift someone. Thank you for your consideration. We love being a part of celebrations of love!