The Stone Garden has old foundation pillars of stone, hand cut by slaves, left when the previous dairy farm owner removed the side bank barn structure of what we call the Bull Barn. We wanted to keep these pillar structures so a step-down space was created as an extension to the pergola area. It is perfect as a ceremonial entry to the meditation garden. It has been used as a sacred space for a smaller weddings using the full moon gate as their altar. It has also been used as a dance floor, a beverage bar, a live music stage, an outdoor retreat space and just plain relaxing. The water fountain in the fish pond, at the garden’s edge, may lull you into a zone of timelessness.

Centered with the Full Moon gate, in the concrete floor, is another of the farm’s play with geometry. This time a Vesica Pisces. In geometry circles a Vesica Pisces is considered a transcendental gateway between spirit and matter. In sacred art one can often see a saintly or Master figure, a Christ, a Buddha, Mother Mary, moving through an almond shaped passageway such as a door. Here in the Stone Garden, it is both holding the space for this as well as being available for the couple publicly sharing their love for the purpose of marriage, to represent the two individuals – their uniqueness and their strengths yet also where they are joining or blending together in the bonding strength of the One Heart.

As Kahlil Gilbran so eloquently wrote in The Prophet:
…And stand together, yet not too near together: For the pillars of the temple stand apart…

For in the center, the two join as One, gathering strength from each of their pillars. We invite you to come and stand consciously here with a loved one: a spouse, a partner, a child, a friend, perhaps even yourself with one foot in a circle and the other foot in the other circle and see if you can palpate the energetic bond of “lovelove” becoming “LOVE”. How does it get any better than this?!


… the magic lingers long after returning home
South River Highlands Country Retreat
Heartstone Lodge & Retreat Center
Lexington, Virginia

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