A Few Thoughts About Purpose

After years of great effort, the Seeker at last reached the top of the mountain and the Wise One.

“Oh, Wise One, please. Tell me the meaning of life. What is the secret of Happiness?”

“That is quite simple, my Child. The secret of Happiness is Service to others.”

“But, how do I do that?”

“So simple, my Child. Look around you and lend a hand. There is need everywhere.”

“But what do I do?”

“In this time of hustle and bustle, of constant change and noise, the Path of Happiness is the Path of Simplicity. Create a place of quiet where all can find the Peace that lives within. Create a place of comfort where families can break bread together and talk without the sound of television or telephone. Create a place of celebration where all can join to remember what really matters and recognize the great givingness of the World.”

“But where?”

“Wherever you are. This lovely farm, these historic cabins, this spacious barn and beautiful cottages, right where you are is always the best location.”

“But when?”


“But, but, but...”

“And one final thing. Stop asking silly questions. Now is always the perfect time. Here is always the perfect place. You are always the perfect person. The first step is always the only step you need to take. The rest follows one day at a time. Now go, and enjoy. In helping Others, you will experience Great reward. In creating beauty and peace for the larger world, you will find great peace for yourself. The giving away of self is the greatest gift you can give yourself. Begin. Continue. Enjoy. Peace be with you.”

And so it began. And so it continues. Our every effort is to offer those who seek a respite from the world a place and the time to discover the Truths of their life. Mountain, meadow, river, woods. Everything here speaks of Peace and slowing down. It is easy to remember that we are not alone, that we are all in this together. And any person’s happiness is every person’s happiness. May your time here, whether retreat, celebration, or temporary bed for a night bring you the experience of slowing down, breathing, looking around, and remembering.

Thank You for the privilege of sharing this magical place and time with you.

Barney and Antonia