About this Listing:
$175/night single/double occupancy

Accommodates: 2-4

Sleeping Arrangement:
1 Queen bedroom on main floor
1 Full bedroom on main floor
1 Single bedroom on main floor
Child friendly; dog suitable
Bathroom with claw-foot tub/shower

The Property: Cabin
Check In: Anytime after 3pm
Check out: 11am
2 night minimum stay*
*3 night minimum on holidays and special college weekends

Pricing Discounts
Extra people: $20/person over 2
3-6 nights: 10%
7 days – 3 weeks: 24%
Monthly discount: 40%

Cancellation Policy:
14 days prior without penalty

“I want to go back! This was a great country


~ Clare


This sweet cottage studio is a large open one room space adjacent to The Lodge. It actually was the Creamery used to refrigerate the milk from the dairy cows. A well designed full kitchen, full bathroom with shower, a queen bed and a sitting area with a queen sofa-bed for additional guests completes the layout. The Creamery is now free standing, sans refrigerated 2 foot thick concrete walls, with a small front deck with Adirondack chair and a newly completed “Creamery Hideaway” between this studio and The Lodge. Finished with a small deck, covered with a pergola and roof it is a delightful place to sit especially when it is raining. Of course it has its own grill and dining area making your space privately contained.

When we first purchased this property, one look around might be enough to run away. Barney wanted an artist's studio and this was a perfect size to entertain this project especially since the other projects were bit daunting. When it was completed, including the beautiful parquet brick floor, it was so adorable that people began asking to live in it. Since we were just beginning the remodel of the dairy barn, Barney reluctantly released his artist's studio to what would become a steady stream of people over a period of three years coming for several months to a year each, most of the time being put to work for a very economical rate. Again, more amazing healing stories and lives changed for the better.


This 250 acre country retreat has 5 authentic, rustic, historic log cabins that have been brought onto the property over a 30 year period and situated with plenty of room between them so that, if indeed you can see another cabin, it is far enough away to almost be unnoticeable. This land is beautiful, healing and a step back into a quieter way of life. Much love and care has gone into each cabin, it's décor and the bedding offering our guests the best stay possible. We have kept the rustic feeling as much as possible so its history is not lost. We hope that you will appreciate the balance of old and new.

Twice a year we harvest each of the four hay fields. Watching the harvest and the huge circular bales of hay left on the fields warms the heart. The farm also has 110 acres of hardwoods. We have planted approximately 1000 trees since 2003 and they are growing tall.

The highest hilltop, named Mount Grace, has almost a one acre modern day labyrinth available for our guests and retreat groups. The ceremonial flags of saffron and crimson fly high on special occasions. For those interested there is a diagram of the walk directions and written understandings of each of the Geometries of Love ...sacred technologies for the new millennium sculptures as Antonia understands the messengers.


This cabin is part of a 'self catering' retreat. We have no interaction with guests unless requested. We honor your desire for quiet & solitude.

You may see or hear the mower on some days or see general maintenance being handled. If you are lucky to be here when the hayfields are being harvested you are in for a treat! Your time here is private. We are always available should there be a need.


We love the beautiful rolling farmlands of this county. The vistas are stunning, the mountain ranges soft & inviting. The farm is close to many places of interest both in town & the outdoors. Walk the land & marvel at the beauty everywhere you look. The views from the farm hilltops are stunning 360 panoramas. And, don't forget the beautiful modern day labyrinth called the State of Grace on Mount Grace. You will want to watch the sunrise & the sun set from here. Awe inspiring!


There is no public transportation. A car is a must here. In the case of snowy weather you will want to be driving a car that is fine on a slight grade of dirt & gravel. The farm roads are plowed if the snow is more than a few inches. The county plows the roads soon after heavy snowfalls though you will want to give us a call for updates. We rent all year & winter offers a special quiet that many love. A car really is a necessary unless, of course, someone delivers you & you do not need to leave the farm before being picked up.


Guests need to be comfortable with the dark & the country. We like to say that “this is not your hotel experience!”. One can often see the Milky Way without interference from city lights! We do our best to be good country neighbors and 'keep the country in the country' by asking that all outdoor lights be turned off at night. Bring a good flashlight and comfy shoes. The cabin is supplied with 'starter' coffee, teas, cocoa, condiments, dish soap, paper towels & toilet paper etc. If you need more than we provide you will find a grocery store only a few miles from the cabin.

This farm is a retreat space encouraging folks to 'unplug' & reconnect with themselves & the natural environment. We have no parties on this side of the farm & ask guests to keep music, loud noise indoors. Smoking is outdoors only & disposed of properly as to prevent fires. Maximum 2 cars, No ATVs ABSOLUTELY NO CAMPFIRES ANYWHERE. Thank you. (full description in linked message

IMPORTANT: Please have a terrific time & come back soon!)